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· Do not use Retin-A or other exfoliating creams 1 to 3 days prior to your treatment.

· Avoid sun tanning or tanning creams/sprays for at least a week before treatment

· You must NOT have recently had laser treatments 

· Must NOT be on accutane for at least 6 months 

· Clients who have had a recent chemical peel or other skin procedure, such as collagen injections, should wait two to three weeks before doing microdermabrasion.

· Refrain from waxing or tanning the skin to be treated for a weeks prior to microdermabrasion treatment.



While a microdermabrasion treatment is a non-invasive, gentle procedure, it may result in some temporary side effects, including:

· Pink or red complexion

· Feeling that the skin is sunburned

· Slight skin tightness

· Bruised or sensitive sensation

Note: During a microdermabrasion recovery, patients generally experience immediate improvements, but optimal results will not be visible until you have completed all recommended treatments.

While microdermabrasion is not a particularly invasive procedure, your skin will be sensitive after the treatment. To ensure safe and satisfactory results, it’s important to follow the following recovery tips:


· Use a rich moisturizer once you have thoroughly dried the skin after washing it with cool water only. Continue to use it for 4-6 days after your treatment as this will prevent any excessive peeling.

· Use sunscreen every time you go out (even if it is an overcast day). This is important because microdermabrasion increases photosensitivity.

· Stay out of the sun for at least a week after your microdermabrasion treatment to prevent UV rays from causing hyperpigmentatation or damaging your skin.

· Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water and eating fruits and vegetables with a high water content.

· AVOID scratching or picking at the treatment area.

· DO NOT use any harsh chemicals, rub or tan your skin for at least one week following the procedure.